In the summer of 2017 Dingo Deli, a popular sandwich shop, co-working space, and expat community center in Hoi An, wanted to introduce a new menu of sandwiches and dips that could be made with the deli’s popular sourdough bread. The owner commissioned a team of four — myself, art director Katrina, photographer Sam, and illustrator Daton to put together a book about the baker and his sourdough baking journey from Mexico to Vietnam. 

Part inspiration, part how-to, part cookbook, Sourdough: Baking and Eating with Passion was one of my favorite projects I worked on during my time living in Vietnam. My role in this project was first as the writer who was to flesh out an interview with the baker into a working text, and second as a technical designer. I worked closely with Katrina the art director and with Daton the illustrator to convert her art to a digital format. 

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