After one specifically shaky trip to Bali I realized that I’m afraid of flying. To distract myself during flight I started searching what to do and tried different things like listening to lectures on trigonometry and doodling patterns. Finally I came to drawing. This series of works are made mostly during my monthly 1.5 hour flights to and from Saigon.
The Firebird.
Da Nang →  Hong Kong
Veiled ladies
Saigon → Da Nang
Man in red socks
Da Nang →  Saigon
Miss Ly
Saigon → Da Nang
Je te mangerais
Da Nang → Saigon
Da Nang → Saigon
Saigon → Da Nang
Da Nang →  Saigon.
This was my first drawing. I was amazed at how iPad can imitate the feeling of soft chalks and pastel. 

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